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Managing and improving IT Services in a world of digital transformations, challenging budget choices and rapid change is a real puzzle for many. Historically, we know that Lean and Agile methods have not been widely applied in this area. The question is – can they be used to make a real difference to IT Services? During our recent work with Registers of Scotland, we proved that the answer is Yes!

Back in April we held a live webinar to share the story. Tom Meade (CIO) and Michael Marshall (IT Services) joined Emergn’s Andy de Vale to talk us through how they instigated cultural and process change.

Watch our webinar to hear the full story.

After working for a decade in UK Government IT, disillusioned by the amount of waste in the historic approach to policy delivery, Andy spent years lobbying, advocating and finally managing adoption of Agile and Lean ways of working in the public sector. Andy now helps organizations in a range of sectors apply Agile, Lean and related principles and thinking across the enterprise to improve people’s working lives and deliver more value. Andy is a leading consultant with Emergn.
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