Emergn has a requirement for multiple experienced client partner level people. We are looking for client leaders that bring a mix of business development, engagement management, and relationship management experience; who thrives in helping clients reorient their ways of working to meet challenging performance goals in this new economy.

As a global services company, one of our unique differentiators in the market is a focus on growing quality clients vs. quantity of clients. This role will involve business development and will require an individual that brings years of proven success in not only growing the business for a services led organization but also in relationship management, a principle that is foundational for how we operate as a company.

Are you someone who builds deep and lasting relationships with your clients?  Do you believe there are better ways of working than the traditional and orthodox that appear in most large enterprises?  Are you someone who can build exceptional spirit within a client and with your team and are willing go the extra mile to deliver outstanding results?  Are you someone who can inspire change in others?  If so, then this role is for you.

As the Client Partner you will engage with our clients to help shape a transformation program that uses techniques from Agile and Lean philosophies.  You would be developing new methods to better connect with customers, and be more responsive to their needs, enabling them to transform the way they examine the value of ideas, and how those ideas flow through their governance, product development, marketing, sales, and software delivery and engineering processes.  You will be responsible for shaping and leading the Emergn team to deliver an outstanding service within all areas of the client.  You will be expected to identify and build opportunities to accelerate the successful rollout of positive change.

This role requires that you take a consultative approach to building a book of business and needs a high-level of creative and strategic thinking to understand, develop solutions and document the challenges that exist with the client’s practices, processes and performance – business and technology.  You will be required to provide great visibility to the client and Emergn on the approach and progress, and ensure that all the senior stakeholders are being apprised of progress and benefits.

This position offers an excellent opportunity to work directly with senior-level business and IT leaders in a large multi-national organization.  It also offers an opportunity to work alongside members of the Emergn team developing inspirational change programs based on our focus on Value, Flow, and Quality®.

We desire to continue to grow top line revenue and maintain an above average net margin but we also desire to do this in the context of working with clients that view us as partners and a critical part of their success.

The best candidate for this role will have been involved in selling professional services and/or management consulting to large, enterprise companies, have a good understanding of the challenges enterprise have in delivering business and IT based projects, products and services, and has a real aptitude to build and manage the relationship with people inside and outside the client. Our client’s needs range from desiring to introduce a new approach, i.e. agile, to trying to solve large, complex systemic issues, or in bringing their latest and best ideas to market. Therefore the ability to articulate and communicate in a consultative way that is simple and effective will be important.  The candidate will have trusted relationships where the business development is more than just the next sale; it is also an advisory type approach where Emergn is viewed as the organization that will solve the problem in the best way for that client.  Ideally, they will have had real experience of inspiring change in an enterprise.


As a Client Partner, you will be responsible for:

  • Developing strong relationships with clients at all levels generally starting from the executive office
  • Managing and leading the onsite Emergn team
  • Ensuring the integrity of the Emergn service is always delivered to the client’s delight
  • Managing and facilitating the change program, supporting those around you whilst they try new practices
  • Inspiring change by presenting and discussing the fundamental reasons for change within the business/IT departments including how to approach it
  • Utilizing latest thinking from Agile, Lean, Design Thinking and Systems Thinking to help the client drive IT change initiatives towards organizational agility
  • Increasing value by identifying an optimal approach, creating maximum value for the customer, employees and shareholders
  • Showing initiative by anticipating risks, issues and opportunities, and escalating them accordingly
  • Developing future opportunities to help the client improve using Emergn’s competencies and approach
  • Proactively identifying issues and opportunities for management action, in particular performance and process improvements

The candidate

  • Minimum of 7-10 years of solid experience in a client partner and/or engagement management role or equivalent in a Senior role within an Enterprise, including at least 5 years managing a sales pipeline.
  • Minimum of 7-10 years of management consulting or equivalent experience.
  • Experience in leading client, vendor or 3rd party relationship building.
  • Highly skilled in large-scale enterprise change projects & programs.
  • Expertise in one or more agile methodologies (Lean, Kanban, XP, Scrum, TDD, CI) and how they can be applied in a product development / program delivery environment.
  • Ability to shape strong presentations and narratives that influence and commit people to change.
  • Have a good appreciation of IT based products and services with experience in a full software development or project management lifecycle.
  • Experience navigating the market to uncover new opportunities for Emergn professional services.
  • Proven success with large, enterprise clients (no specific industry sector required).
  • Ability to learn complex concepts to sell in a relationship-oriented, thought-leadership way.
  • Exceptional relationship manager with attention to quality and detail.
  • Self starter that can operate effectively in a global, virtual start-up organization.
  • Capable of doing the necessary administrative and sales process work where needed.
  • Ability to travel on a weekly basis.
  • Understanding and interest in how technology trends are challenging traditional business.
  • Knowledge of Lean Six Sigma, or other process improvement frameworks.
  • Experience of economic and financial analysis skills.
  • Well versed in Enterprise Architecture and Service Orientated Architecture (SOA).
  • Experience of standard process implementations (ISO, SOX, ITIL etc.).
  • Offshore and SLA management knowledge.



The candidate must be able to bring a thorough approach to analyzing complex problems and design methods to uncover the underlying challenges within an enterprise. The candidate must have a strong qualitative and quantitative understanding of data, and be able to produce compelling fact-based arguments that support intuitive ideas of how to help an organization improve.


You will have exemplary written and verbal communication skills (both to be tested during the interview process) as well as presentation skills. You must be able to clearly articulate technical and business concepts and establish credibility by fostering strong relationships and demonstrating a thorough understanding of the audience’s needs. This should include the ability to present professionally and persuasively to senior level executives.

You must be someone who can facilitate projects, analyze information and produce presentations & reports to a high standard.

As a Client Partner, you should be prepared to provide updates and answer queries at anytime. You will be required to propagate information promptly, clearly and unambiguously, possessing a high attention to detail.

In addition, you must be able to influence situations through the provision of information and advice on both straight-forward and complex issues, collaborating with other decision makers on day-to-day activities.


As the lead on a few clients you must be able to translate the client needs to a vision and strategy for the Emergn program.  This will include bringing in the wider Emergn team to solicit ideas, and practice the art of servant leadership.  Ensuring the Emergn team are effective and engaged in solving the problems of our client is paramount.  This includes being able to manage interdependencies between projects and other programs.


Posted: 3 November, 2016

Location:  The right candidate will be prepared to travel UK/EU wide, depending on client locations.