Improve the way people work. Forever.

We are a digital business consultancy who help organisations think new. Dream big. And most importantly, act different.

Technological disruption is changing business. We help organisations evolve and adapt to not just compete in this next generation of business but decisively win.

We empower people to continuously deliver better products, services and customer experiences.

We equip people with the skills needed to drive more enduring and effective change. Helping them establish new models, new ways of working, and new growth channels. Embedding the capabilities that enable businesses to perform at their peak. Time and time again.

We commit to our clients’ change ambitions. Supporting them with our consulting, education and delivery services which inspires the confidence to transform from the inside out.

From the board to the frontline, we work with people across all levels to manage uncertainty and accelerate organisational change. We share a total commitment to our clients’ change ambitions because we’re passionate about the impact we can deliver together.

From Walmart to Credit Suisse to the Economist, we work with some of the world’s most iconic companies. Helping them change from within to bring better products and services to market. Each and every time.

We’re currently looking for a senior and very experienced Solution Lead who shares the same ambition and drive to make a difference for businesses looking to adapt, evolve and decisively win in the digital era.

The role

In Emergn, the Solution Lead creates compelling and valuable solutions for our customers. They hold the vision for how changes in Mindset (how we think) Mechanics (what we do) and Measures (how we understand success) combine to transform our customers bottom line and ability to deliver. They bring together deep knowledge from a range of domains and experience to understand client context and identify the critical moves that get disproportionate positive results.

Collaborating with Emergn and client teams, Solution Leads bring to life the value of changing for the better. They describe what needs to be done and the critical elements for success. This starts by developing a set of hypotheses based on client context, opportunities and constraints, and asking the questions: how do we increase value, improve flow and advance quality?

They then work with the team to help lead the implementation from a solution perspective, testing, refining and rolling out sustainable transformation and change.


  • Accountable for creating a compelling solution and a rollout strategy that creates sustainable transformation and change
  • Ensuring the solution is understood and delivered by all Emergn people interacting with the client
  • To create a framework and vision so no mixed messages are communicated
  • To ensure continuity with new people joining the team
  • Developing the trusted advisor/thought leader relationship and helping others within the team become trusted advisors
  • Solving the complex problems together with the Emergn team
  • Continuously evaluate and improve the on the change approach and the Emergn team peformance


  • Application of Value, Flow, Quality principles in practice
  • Experience in change in large, complex enterprise environments
  • Expert in Agile, Lean, Systems Thinking and related disciplines
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Best in class communication and presentation skills, the ability to clearly and simply present complex ideas
  • Deep experience in one or more of end to end IT Delivery, Product Management, Organisation Management and Change Management
  • Team player

Posted: 12 December, 2016

Location:  US based. Ability to travel is essential – this role will require 4-5 days per week on client site.