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The Agile PMO

The topic of an Agile PMO is a top of mind discussion. In recent years agile and PMO, when used in the same sentence, referred more to how PMO groups were helping their project teams resource [...]

The Value of community

“We are in danger of looking too far for opportunities to do good and communicate. In reaching for rhododendrons we trample down the daisies” – anonymous This is one of my favorite quotes because [...]

Trade-offs: The killer cost of certainty

What is it that stops companies from really making the expected improvements in cycle time and delivery speed that Agile promises? This article – published on Info Q – examines a new trade-offs [...]

Patterns of Agile success – Part 4 of 6

We’re more than half way through our series of blogs on the patterns of behaviour seen in organisations running Agile successfully. We’ve discussed a commitment to change and two well-understood [...]

Change in a week

For a more in-depth understanding of why, read our 7 Steps to Building an Agile Organization. Otherwise – just dive in and get started. Sunday: write the compelling reason for change. Why have [...]

What is Agile?

Some names don’t help you. Apple. Scrum. Sky. Nothing in the name gives you much of a clue what the idea is about or what product is being sold. Other names spell it out. Agile belongs in the [...]

Enterprise Agile

Whenever I discuss the term “Enterprise Agile” with someone, the conversation forms into three short questions; “How do you increase value throughout the organization in its ability to execute [...]

Sense of urgency

Maintaining a sense of urgency can be discussed in a number of different contexts. I’d like to discuss it in terms of relationship management, specifically as it relates to our business [...]

Predicting the future?

Have you ever wondered what education might look like in 50 years? Could this affect your business? Do you know what future skills your business might need? The internet is changing many things, [...]

Leadership stereotypes

It’s been said that stereotypes are devices for saving a biased person the trouble of learning. The word stereotype denotes a belief about a certain type of individual, a group of individuals or [...]

Blanket statements

Maybe you know this person. You have worked with them and they also may be someone you know outside of work. When you talk to them they seem to insert sentences about other people you both know [...]

Writers write

An obvious statement. One that I sometimes find easy to forget though. I have been talking about writing for some time. I’ve always wanted to write well. I am an avid reader. I’ve read many [...]

Being professional

The common dictionary defines professional as following an occupation as a means of livelihood or for gain. It also says it relates to a person who is an expert in their chosen field or vocation. [...]

Lacking a spine

Last night was a terrible one for Manchester United. They were comprehensively beaten by Newcastle United; A team six places behind them in the premiership. In some of the post-match reports the [...]