Let’s understand this phrase ‘self-made’ a bit more. No one is self-made. You didn’t make yourself; you were born and actually had nothing to do with it. Self-made is an oxymoron like [...]

The blank page

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”  – Walt Disney In most creative professions there is a fear of the blank page. Writer’s block is something I’m sure you’ve heard about [...]

People buy promises

“People don’t buy features — they buy promises”  – Bernadette Jiwa In her book, Difference, Bernadette explores all the factors that can help you build a differentiated product that matters. She [...]

The power of pull

Lean and Agile methods promote a way of working based on the principle of ‘pull’. This means that instead of planning and pushing work into different teams and people, work is presented in a way [...]