Be trustworthy

Years ago, a CEO colleague of mine shared with me that the reason he was able to sleep well was because of the trustworthiness of his right-hand person. I wanted to know more because we all use [...]

Waiting is winning

Winning is a long game. So is business in general. We make our plans, develop our strategies and work hard to win. Think about this from a sales perspective, specifically in developing and [...]

Firm decisions

It’s a gift to have a team that gels really well and is successful. It’s a gift because it doesn’t happen too often. You hear the stories of how certain teams have led organizations and companies [...]

Sharing ideas

In Emergn’s VFQ Product Management course, it describes four objectives in bringing your ideas to life: Explore the concept of an idea pipeline and the overarching principles to manage the flow [...]

Performance oriented

It’s entirely accurate to say that we measure performance by what we do simply because those actions produce results, sometimes good and sometimes bad. There is another side to performance – the [...]