Encouraging behavior

One of the most thoughtful and mindful things we can do when working with people and organizations is to first consider what behavior we’re encouraging by our actions. Sometimes we find ourselves [...]

Atoms and bits

Often, when talking about agile, new ways of working, and product and innovation in established, large companies, you quickly come across people who don’t understand how work might change due to [...]

Change is hard

When we use phrases like ‘digital transformation’ or ‘change management’, we are saying two things. First we are communicating that we are undertaking a large program of [...]

The magic of 1943

In a recent forum, I had the opportunity to share insights from our work with a group of technology executives. We were discussing how to best think about organizational alignment in a digital [...]

Hard growth

All businesses have a need to grow and scale. Whether it’s a new start-up looking for their first or second customer or the largest companies in the world looking to grow new sources of revenue [...]