The magic of 1943

In a recent forum, I had the opportunity to share insights from our work with a group of technology executives. We were discussing how to best think about organizational alignment in a digital [...]

Stick to the plan

Trying to please everyone when you really don’t want to is a fickle way to try and lead. This leadership style doesn’t actually work. The constant behavior of changing your mind in an effort to [...]

Exceed cost with value

Here’s a simple test: think about a product or service you’ve recently paid for that has provided a customer / user experience that is better than you expected. How has that made you feel about [...]

Success in solitutde

This isn’t a call to become an introvert. This is, however, a call to consider a key characteristic of what makes people successful. The point of putting your mask on first, before helping [...]

Make room for others

Years ago I read a short story about a flower that was planted in front of an oak tree. The flower enjoyed the shade and protection from the hot sun and heavy rains that the oak tree provided. [...]

Agile is a verb

I recently read through a lengthy article describing organizational change and what companies need to consider in order to better adapt to the technology driven economy we reside in. It was a [...]