Enough information

Learning is an interesting topic. For many, the opportunity to learn and keep learning is a major driver that keeps them motivated and informed. The desire to learn and obtain more information is [...]

Feedback flutter

About 15 years ago, I was close to boarding a trans-Atlantic flight, browsing in a store for some books to read on the way. My eye caught a cover which had a panda up a ladder, armed with a [...]


Apple knows how to build products that people love. In order to accomplish that, they use empathy to learn a lot about their users. They don’t always take the ideas or solutions of their [...]

The ground is flat

You might not actually hear someone say “that’s not my job”, but sometimes people behave in such a way that this statement is clearly communicated. It’s likely we wouldn’t admit that we see some [...]

Giving and taking

One of the more interesting books I’ve read is the Paradox of Generosity by Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson. The authors make the point that people who are generous in giving their time and [...]