This is a tough question to answer because VFQ provides a level of flexibility that supports businesses of all sizes and industries.  But, let’s try and give you a few rules of thumb:

  1. Try to help everyone in your organization – even if it is with an online/self-learning pathway that helps curious people improve, and creates a common language.
  2. Build your own change capability – a single cohort for the ECP (Expert Coaching Pathway) is 8 people.  Regardless of your size, do at least 8.  For large organizations, you might want to consider between 5% and 10% of your firm, who will become an Internal Coach, Trainer, Change Agent or Expert.
  3. When it comes to developing Practitioners and Product Managers, you should consider getting one or two in each team who can help drive and shape implementation within the teams.  Having all of a team work together through a pathway is a great way to develop team cohesion and morale, whilst at the same time developing the skills and capability of the group to really improve their productivity and output. Once people have been through the Practitioner or Product Management Pathway, they can choose to convert to the Expert Coaching Pathway to continue developing skills and capability.
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