Company person

Perhaps it’s not the most correct phrase to use these days, but I believe most people know what’s meant when I say  “company man”. This term infers that someone is committed to the organization [...]

Encouraging behavior

One of the most thoughtful and mindful things we can do when working with people and organizations is to first consider what behavior we’re encouraging by our actions. Sometimes we find ourselves [...]

Better use of power

Power is one of those words that invokes thoughts of independence, strength, and influence. Power is also a word that is misunderstood, and can cause conflicts to develop. Organizations often [...]

Urgency and busyness

There is this idea that productivity has no end. This idea manifests itself in the belief that being busy all the time is actually helpful. In one of our insights titled Don’t confuse effort with [...]

penalty and expectation

Take a look at this video to see how to better introduce a change that works. There’s a saying: “You get what you expect and you deserve what you tolerate.” People are not always rational. In the [...]

Little and often

In this video by Simon Sinek,\_ztgMxdXafI, he poses a set of questions on when you know something became true. His example of going to a gym and trying to work [...]

You are not so smart

David McRaney in his book ‘You are not so smart’ describes 48 ways that your memory and brain is mostly fiction and the way we are all deluded on a regular basis. This work builds upon the Nobel [...]