Building windmills

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills – Chinese proverb I’ve more normally heard the proverb above as ‘In a hurricane, build windmills’. For me, I use [...]

Cookie cutter

I have an unspoken agreement with several well-known brands across a few different product segments; if they build it, I’ll buy it. We all have our favorite products and brand loyalty isn’t an [...]

Shrink the change

Chip and Dan Heath have written extensively on change management and the things that make the most difference. If you haven’t come across their work, it’s worth the time. Here is a great short [...]

Create snowballs

“Some don’t go very far. But some get pretty big once they start rolling.” Hugh Macleod has been writing and running businesses for decades. He’s pretty successful in his field. In his book, Evil [...]

Enterprise Agile

Whenever I discuss the term Enterprise Agile with someone, the conversation forms into three short questions; “How do you increase value throughout the organization in its ability to execute well [...]