Continuously improving

Continuous Improvement is a term that gets used a lot, but often without much action or intent. It’s used more as a platitude that’s being loosely applied. I saw this post on LinkedIn and thought [...]


Paula Radcliffe is one of the greatest athletes of all time. She’s still the world-record holder for the Woman’s Marathon which she won in London 2003. She’s won almost everything you can for an [...]

Taking the long view

“If everything has to work in 2-3 years then that limits what you can do. If you give yourself the breathing room to say ‘I’m ok to take 7 years’ then all of a sudden you have way more [...]

Successful retrospectives

Writing the Value, Flow, Quality educational content we are always looking out for good case studies to support our research. The session on Feedback talks, among other things, about [...]