The Agile PMO

The topic of an Agile PMO is a top of mind discussion. In recent years agile and PMO, when used in the same sentence, referred more to how PMO groups were helping their project teams resource [...]

What is Agile?

Some names don’t help you. Apple. Scrum. Sky. Nothing in the name gives you much of a clue what the idea is about or what product is being sold. Other names spell it out. Agile belongs in the [...]

Sense of urgency

Maintaining a sense of urgency can be discussed in a number of different contexts. I’d like to discuss it in terms of relationship management, specifically as it relates to our business [...]

Stop the team or let them fail?

I recently came across an interesting question: “Should a senior manager veto a decision of their team they don’t agree with, or should they do nothing and wait to see results?” [...]