Stick to the plan

Trying to please everyone when you really don’t want to is a fickle way to try and lead. This leadership style doesn’t actually work. The constant behavior of changing your mind in an effort to [...]

Funding outcomes

Last October, Gartner published a research note on why CFOs shouldn’t be expecting agile transformation teams to ask for a blank check. The article focused on a principle that has seemingly been [...]

Stop defending yourself

One of the worst behaviors we can display is being defensive when we are confronted with a tough question or situation. We have this running joke in our home where we say to the other person “Why [...]

Iron sharpens iron

John Hagel, whose work at Center for the Edge draws out many insightful trends and concepts on improving organizations, recently published research that discussed the importance, not the neglect, [...]

Context is everything

Context is everything “There are no universal solutions but there are contextual solutions.” In reading this statement, it reminds me of how we frame our problem statements – In this context, how [...]

Focus on outcomes

Keep your eyes on the goals When introducing any new method or framework, or any other way of working, it’s important to keep stepping back and considering the outcomes. It’s easy to get pulled [...]