Have fun

I was once involved in a massive transformation program. It cost billions of pounds and impacted every house in the UK. The program had been running for a few years. As things tend to go, there [...]


“Scrum is just this tiny set of rules that identifies problems. Your job as a team is to solve those problems, drawing solutions from any and all disciplines that can assist you.” – Ron Jeffries [...]

What is flow?

Flow is defined as both a verb and noun: verb (of a liquid, gas, or electricity) move steadily and continuously in a current or stream. e.g. “from here the river flows north” go from [...]

Control what you can

The ability to control something is perhaps one of the most satisfying experiences we can have simply because there are so many things in life we can’t control. Maybe you’ve been called a control [...]

Be patient

Winning is a recipe. Developing the products that change a market, delighting a customer and impacting how you run a company are all recipes that include several key ingredients; patience being [...]