Nothing personal

Showing half finished work can be scary. Most work when it’s inflight can look incomplete and messy. That’s what makes it work-in-progress. However, if we hold on to work too long, until [...]

Conflict can be valuable

Conflict doesn’t conjure up thoughts of happiness. This is a term that speaks of a serious disagreement, an argument and friction. We either avoid it altogether or pretend it isn’t there. Rarely [...]


“Look, don’t see, listen, don’t hear. The more you engage, the longer you survive.” – Jack Reacher So, creating new, amazing products and experiences isn’t the same as being an action adventure, [...]

What is value?

What is value? This is probably the question asked most often. It’s both a little strange and rather comforting to think that most of the companies we work with have such trouble defining value. [...]

Funding outcomes

Last October, Gartner published a research note on why CFOs shouldn’t be expecting agile transformation teams to ask for a blank check. The article focused on a principle that has seemingly been [...]

The IKEA effect

One of the things that services like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook do well is creating a place where people can input pieces of themselves. You can create a living online resume or develop a [...]

The art of simplicity

Creating products and services that are simple is hard. Designing experiences that just work for users in a satisfying way takes skill and deliberate practice. BJ Fogg suggests six areas for [...]