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Get a daily dose of inspiration to help you on your journey of change. Whether you’re trying to introduce a new methodology, framework or new way of working in your company, or if you’re trying to change the way you work for the better, a VFQ daily insight will pose a question or idea for you to improve the way you work. Forever.


Don’t drag it out

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the ‘fail fast’ philosophy as it applies to software or product development, where the phrase is really a synonym for fast learning. By contrast, systems design looks at it more literally, with a focus on safety and disaster prevention: monitor for problems in a process and stop as soon as you […]

This feels right

Most of us describe experiences and relationships by saying something like “It feels good or right” – our feelings are a major contributor towards what we choose or don’t choose, and this [...]

We can still improve

I recently read an article that shared a story about the world famous cellist, Pablo Casals. Even though he is in his eighties, he still practices a few hours each day! When asked why he did so, [...]