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Get a daily dose of inspiration to help you on your journey of change. Whether you’re trying to introduce a new methodology, framework or new way of working in your company, or if you’re trying to change the way you work for the better, a VFQ daily insight will pose a question or idea for you to improve the way you work. Forever.


The other side of confidence

New roles and new opportunities are exciting, but are soon followed by various forms of anxieties, usually based on factors that are either largely unknown or uncertain. We all want to have the confidence that we can be successful in the role we’re in. Confidence isn’t arrogance, it’s a deliberate and willful belief that you […]

Rebalancing power

David Marquet writes a lot about leadership. In one of his leadership nudges, he talks about why it’s important to flatten the power gradient. That is how people who have more status, power, and [...]

Clear messages

We’ve written many times in these insights about expectations, and one other aspect of setting expectations is the awareness of ambiguity. While we hope that people can read our minds or [...]

People decisions

I’m not sure you need to spend too much time convincing anyone in management about the importance of properly managing people, but there is something to be said about how we make decisions that [...]


A noticeable difference between enterprise organizations and startups is the distance between customers/users and ‘developers’. ‘Developers’, in this context, can be designers (customer or user [...]

Love comes first

Sam Altman is the President of Y Combinator. It’s one of the most prestigious start-up incubators in the world. It’s been churning out high growth tech companies for years. The advice Sam (and [...]