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Get a daily dose of inspiration to help you on your journey of change. Whether you’re trying to introduce a new methodology, framework or new way of working in your company, or if you’re trying to change the way you work for the better, a VFQ daily insight will pose a question or idea for you to improve the way you work. Forever.


Experience isn’t enough

You’ve heard that knowledge is applied wisdom and that wisdom often relates to experience. This is a common description of wisdom and it’s usually not challenged or considered wrong. Let’s take it further. Consider that experience alone is not always enough to get things done. Learning that comes from experience is the ingredient that makes […]

Build confidence

Recently, I was working with a client doing a review of their largest and most important project. It had been running a few years and the Chief Executive, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief [...]

Assume positive intent

Running a business, delivering projects, and crafting products are three activities that can create conflict or joy, and every emotion in between. Whenever you bring something new into the world [...]

Embrace mistakes

WD-40 is a company that learned to make mistakes. It’s part of their DNA. In this lovely short article, they highlight their 3 tricks. Be a learner and a teacher Embrace mistakes as learning [...]

Conflict can be valuable

Conflict doesn’t conjure up thoughts of happiness. This is a term that speaks of a serious disagreement, an argument and friction. We either avoid it altogether or pretend it isn’t there. Rarely [...]

Domino effect

In our VFQ book on Motivation, we talk about how actions and behaviors can demotivate people and teams when you have two common scenarios; either being held responsible for something you don’t [...]


Paula Radcliffe is one of the greatest athletes of all time. She’s still the world-record holder for the Woman’s Marathon which she won in London 2003. She’s won almost everything you can for an [...]


Today, in software development, if you used the term Kanban you’d be faced with a growing number of principles, values and maturity models. It’s becoming increasingly complex. However, it’s [...]