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Dallas Willard, a well known American philosopher once said “Suppose our failures occur, not in spite of what we are doing, but precisely because of it.” How often do we find ourselves working on something only to discover that we didn’t take into consideration all the risks? Retrospectives are considered a good practice as part of a team or end of a phase of work, but it’s something we need to consider for ourselves as well. You’ve heard the phrase “don’t believe your own press clippings” – this is an appropriate way of describing how we might get caught up at times with what others think and say, and not being more diligent in inspecting our work. Getting feedback is key. As we share in the VFQ Feedback book – “Feedback is designed to reduce risk, improve quality and increase the chances of success by ensuring that you know whether you are building something of value to your customer that works as they wish it to.”

We can all benefit from pausing more to reflect and get feedback on our work, whether it’s from a customer or internally from colleagues. Take some time out this week to retrospect on your work and that of the team.

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