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Most of us understand our roles in the context of a title and job description, but there’s more. The way we govern ourselves and the roles we employ actually shape the role continuously.

When we were put in that role, we were empowered and expected to perform certain duties that would produce certain outcomes. The challenge is that the certain becomes uncertain as we look to fit into the role better.

Our role reality is that we need to pause and understand the expectations of the role better than we first thought of it. This can come in the form of feedback from peers or others with whom you can discuss your role. It can come from an effort to be more mindful in your decision making and management style, that will help uncover new ways of thinking or working.

Most of all, the goal is to remove obstacles and blockers that are preventing us from fulfilling the role to it’s greatest extent.

How can we develop our roles and ourselves better? Where can we become more active in how we collaborate and depend on others to help us in our role?

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