Transforming Agile and Scrum

With IT projects delivering too slowly, at a high cost and failing to provide desperately needed innovation, business stakeholders and IT providers within Maersk Line were frustrated.

They had tried various Agile methods, which had proved disappointing. Now, Maersk Line were clear that change was imperative, but those working there were wary of yet another ‘Scrum in a box’ solution.

Emergn worked with Maersk Line to analyze exactly what was causing the difficulties. From here, we developed a ‘starter kit’ of 8 key changes that would deliver results. Each step was supported by a range of tools, techniques and practices, but the teams were free to select and adapt these as needed.

They were able to decide ‘how’ they would work with such confidence because Maersk Line and Emergn developed a full education program that meant everyone shared an in-depth understanding of the principles – what we call the ‘why’ behind every tool.

Using this understanding and a bespoke Lean-Agile approach designed to deal with the challenges of scale, Maersk Line transformed their IT results and created a new, positive relationship between IT and the business.

Please download the full case study for more details.

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