Innovation is about delivering game-changing products and services for your customers. Our delivery services provide our clients with access to highly skilled engineering teams focused on product acceleration.

Our delivery services are comprised of four primary characteristics:

Agility at the core

We started by setting the standard in agile education. We continued by linking our delivery services to the core principles of VFQ.

Technology innovation

Our aim is to help clients deliver their best ideas faster which in turn helps them directly impact their market-share, grow new channels and meet customer demand for better and more compelling technology solutions.

High performance teams

Get access to experienced talent that brings the latest skills in technology to bring confidence and accelerate development.

Fit for purpose

You have a specific set of requirements and our flexible business model allows us to respond faster and tailor the services you need to keep pace with your expectations.


Emergn's approach to innovation

These characteristics drive three distinct services:

Product Acceleration
Hot House

Innovate and deliver market-winning ideas faster by bringing together users, engineers and product managers to leverage our proven product acceleration process.


Implement new technology ideas using our expertise and teams to deliver services from DevOps, to Internet of Things, Cloud Solutions and Omni Channel platforms.


Build great software products working alongside our highly skilled development teams that deliver and innovate fast so that you can focus on your ideas.

Client experience:

Speak to a member of the team to discuss how our delivery services can help you.