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The Innovator’s Toolkit is a collection of techniques and templates, chosen specifically for the innovator. It helps you consider everything that is needed to bring your ideas to life and delight your customers. The toolkit includes a creative process that helps innovators systematically work through the problems, challenges and opportunities people go through.

Bringing a great idea to market is all about finding the right balance between desirability, viability and feasibility:

  • Desirability of your idea is understanding the customer and the experience that you want to build. This toolkit will help you focus on delighting your customer by ensuring that the right features exist to meet your customer needs, and that they consider your value proposition.
  • Viability is the business model. Does it work for you? Does it work for your customers? Through exploring your market, you will know if customers will pay for your idea and whether you will make a profit both in the short and long term.
  • Feasibility is about answering the question: can it be done? Through experiments, you will know whether you have the right components, skills and competencies to successfully bring your idea to life.

This Innovator’s Toolkit incorporates material from Emergn’s VFQ Product Management courses. Click here to learn more about these courses and see how you can develop your ideas and bring them to life through action-learning.

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