Designed for you. Coaching and work-based training to improve the mind-set of your organization, build your people’s skills, and their capability. Our education service will empower your people to control, adapt and adopt your own change.

For anyone part of an Agile team, take your skills and capabilities to the next level
Go deep and broad to develop the skills and capability to train others, accelerate learning and instill change in your company
Learn how to develop amazing products, create great experiences and win in your market
Deliver better results, get more from your people and instill purpose within your teams
Make great software that people want to use, and learn how to create a highly productive engineering team and environment
Get the most out of your investments, and enable your Agile teams to deliver
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We set the standard in Agile education. The BCS Practitioner in Agile certification is based on ten modules of the BCS endorsed VFQ education program by Emergn.

Education services delivered to you in four distinct ways:


Guide and support people to work differently. Our coaching helps you critically assess context and improves capability directly where it’s needed.


Bringing people together to teach new concepts and techniques that helps them look at their world differently. Take a look at our VFQ public courses.


Structured, role-based learning programs that accelerate the development of skills, capabilities and change. Take a look at our pathways.


Go beyond traditional learning and get access to the industry’s best researched content that synthesizes the most current methodologies and frameworks and is focused on delivering outcomes. Take a look at our VFQ online courses and content subscription.

Capability areas to transform your organization:

Business Leadership
and Management

The investment, decision and governing environment that unlocks end to end performance.


Product management that understands the customer by embedding design thinking that is user and goal centered, innovative and value driven.


Productive Agile teams that execute quickly, deliver incrementally and scale.


Value is created by actively managing alignment between demand and supply, and making work truly visible so that the best decisions can be made.

Trainers and

To truly embed and own change, we work with those people who need a deeper understanding of VFQ to develop the skills to coach and train people throughout the business.


In every area you need change leaders who have a strong appreciation of the work and the domain to own and nurture continuous improvement.


private courses

Emergn provide a broad range of VFQ courses that are delivered in-house and tailored to our clients’ individual needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • "The driving principles really nail it. So much of the Lean Agile space is a recipe for failure. VFQ correctly turns that on its head." vistaprint-logo-small

  • "VFQ is interactive and full of activities related to real work." Tesco Agile approach

Client experience:

Speak to a member of the team to discuss how our education services can help you.