The rise of software, technology and digital services has changed the way that products are being brought to market meaning that many different roles are required to collaborate.  There are many people who need to be proficient in the way work flows.

The VFQ Practitioner Pathway is designed for anyone that works in a development team. You may be a designer, analyst, tester, developer, or you might work alongside product teams or need to work with teams as either a customer or business partner, or as a manager. Whatever your role, this pathway helps you to understand Agile ways of working and engage effectively to design, build and launch new ideas. But, it isn’t just about Agile. Those who are looking to improve the way their own teams and projects run and function will benefit from learning about the principles of Value, Flow, Quality and how these elements can be improved through specific practices, techniques and principles.

VFQ Agile Practitioner Pathway

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