Every organization has unique challenges and concerns, its own specific, often complex, domain and individual culture to work with. But despite this, there are certain fundamentals that all organizations share: value, flow and quality. Emergn believes that value, flow and quality are what matters to every organization and our role is to help achieve them. By improving these three complementary and intertwined areas, we directly improve overall business performance. We bring IT and business together to deliver valuable products and services, delight customers and harness the creative power of employees. The thought paper introduces each concept and how it helps businesses unlock success.


Knowing how to create and measure value is the lifeblood of an organization, but its definition must encompass a broader concept than profit alone if it is to be sustained in the long-term.


Issues in the way we deliver can impede or even destroy value.  The smooth, continuous flow of work enables us to deliver fast, respond quickly to change and produce more value overall.


Increasing value means knowing what customers want and how best to work with them. Fast feedback lies at the heart of quality, ensuring we improve our products at every stage, striving for simplicity and usability.

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