VFQ Product Management
Action-Learning Course.

We wrote the book on Product Management and the course too.

Much of what’s been written in the world of agile to-date has focused on software development teams, and what happens inside a Scrum delivery framework or within another agile-based methodology.

For true business agility, you need to consider everything that happens to bring new ideas to market. You need to manage the flow of ideas from concept to market by getting the people who want something as close as possible to the people who can do something about it.

VFQ Product Management Design Thinking Approach

Course options.

At Emergn we’ve developed different ways for people to engage depending on numbers of people and preferred learning style. For individuals, we offer an online action-learning course so you can learn at your own pace.  For organizations, we offer a structured learning approach that perfectly supports groups of people to learn by doing.

What you will learn.

Introduction to product management

Product management
The role of the Product Manager Agile development
Guiding principles

Understanding your customer

Customer discovery
Finding themes

Exploring your market

Sizing your market opportunity
Capitalizing on opportunities
Quantifying the opportunity

Experimenting to get it right

Preparing yourself for feedback
Designing experiments
Building for feedback
Validating your hypotheses
Capturing feedback

Bringing ideas to life

Managing a pipeline
Capturing new ideas
Assessing the value
Preparing for development
Bringing your product to life
Launching your product


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