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Value, Flow, Quality – Education-Led Transformation

VFQ is a work-based education program, used by thousands of people across hundreds of companies, that is focused on outcomes and founded on the principle that true change requires transformative learning designed to teach people the skills they need to improve their business and drive innovation.

Discover why the world’s top companies use VFQ to change how their people develop the right skills and capabilities to deliver the results that matter most.

  • The most advanced learning in the market for modern practices
  • Scales to support the entire organization – individual to enterprise
  • High quality, work-based education that makes the learning stick
  • Comprehensive content library of practices and techniques
  • Significantly reduces your investment in external help


Gain an overview or learn the fundamentals of VFQ in a classroom environment with our public and private courses.

  • "VFQ is interactive and full of activities related to real work." Tesco Agile approach

Topical Workshops

For many of our clients we offer the option of topical interactive workshops that leverage the comprehensive library of VFQ in order to meet their specific learning requirements.

  • "The driving principles really nail it. So much of the Lean Agile space is a recipe for failure. VFQ correctly turns that on its head." vistaprint-logo-small

VFQ Online

VFQ material is provided in easy-to-read formats that include case studies of things that have worked (and things that haven’t), activities to help you do things for real in you day-to-day job, and provides you with techniques and tools to help you reflect on what works and why.

  • "The content is well thought out and stands above the rest of other materials around." Dennis K, Practitioner

Whatever your preference is for learning we will teach you how to increase value, improve flow and enhance quality within your environment.