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An Agile Transformation: the exceptional results at UCAS

How UCAS delivered the same product, to the same customer group, more successfully by adopting Agile ways of working.


Wednesday 24th May 2017 @ 5pm BST / 12pm EST


UCAS is an independent charity providing information, advice, and admissions services to inspire and facilitate educational progression.

In 2015 for UCAS, the reality was that delivering a reliable service had taken much more effort and expenditure than envisaged, leaving very little resources to deliver change. In the meantime, changes in the admissions (and digital) environment left customers wanting more omni-channel, relevant, information at their fingertips.

UCAS realised the need to change was fundamental to it’s business model. Overnight, gone were the more traditional ways of working, programme boards and projects, and in with a new corporate strategy, organisational roll out of Emergn education programmes, new collaborative working spaces, new roles and commitment to Agile ways of working, to deliver much needed digital products and services to enable a ‘progression ecosystem’ for the learner.

In this live webinar, Emergn’s Brian Hanly will talk with UCAS’ Bethanie Williams (Head of Service Development) to discuss how they delivered a product using traditional Waterfall methods, and then redeveloped this same product using an Agile approach. The UCAS team will provide insight into the following:

  • The increase from 1 core product to 3 core products and 6 beta products developed, in a 2 year period.
  • The increase in regular releases of working functionality, with 11 releases in March 2015 and 84 major releases to date.
  • Over 600 pieces of customer feedback received by digital feedback tabs on the products, 27 customer facing webinars and numerous face to face meetings with customers.
  • How UCAS continue to mature and adapt their ways of working to support their change programme.

The webinar will last for 20 minutes with 10 minutes for Q&A. Register now to hear how a change in delivery approach to using Agile ways of working could help you.

If you have any questions in the lead up to the webinar, please email us.

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Bethanie Williams - UCAS

Bethanie Williams


Bethanie is custodianship of the way in which UCAS manages change through the business value framework and is responsible for delivery of a structured and visible approach to the design and development of UCAS products and services, as well and the provision of a business analysis and impact assessment function. Bethanie also has overall senior management responsibility as the Change Lead for the digital transformation (known as ‘Digital Acceleration’) programme of work.
Brian Hanly - Co-founder and SVP

Brian Hanly


Brian’s primary responsibility is the direction, management, and growth of Emergn’s EMEA practice. Brian brings his extensive business experience to companies to help them transform how they deliver value to their customers. He is a passionate believer in education led transformation and the power of Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ) to help companies improve the way they work, forever.