In Q4 2014 Emergn Limited continued it’s expansion with the launch of a new office in India and the appointment of Rishi Raj Srivastav as Vice President and Country Manager India. Based in Bangalore, Emergn India will not only serve it’s India based clients but has also started working with clients in the region.

Rishi Raj Srivastav’s appointment as Vice President and Country Manager is a milestone in the continued global reach of Emergn, specifically as it relates to helping companies leverage Emergn’s work-based education platform, Value, Flow, Quality coupled with it’s management consulting and transformational services. Rishi brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned technology leader from organizations such as SapientNitro and HP/EDS/mPhasis and has served many mutli-national clients. His experience with modern practices alongside enterprise solutions has been a key factor in his success.