Throw spaghetti

Trying anything that seems logical isn’t always the logical thing to do. I was reading an old Forbes article from 2012 related to the challenge of relying on information we read online to make [...]

Teach someone

There is a litmus test for testing the quality of a management team. It’s not something unusual but it might be awkward for some on the team. Are you ready? Here it is: Ask each member of your [...]


Many companies have rituals when special things happen. Every year at the Year Beginning Meetings, Walmart have a ‘ringing of the bell’ ceremony that signifies when someone has done something [...]

Actions and words

This topic won’t be new to any of us but I want to change it up slightly by modifying a popular phrase – “do as I say, not as I do”. This quip has been around a long time and we use it to [...]

Decision uncertainty

Decision making is by far one of the toughest things we get to do. Hiring the right team, developing the most effective strategy, deciding on next year’s budget – these examples, and many more, [...]

Communicate better

Building a communication strategy is a necessary step in defining how you can best serve a customer. You need to be deliberate about communication with them and the other key stakeholders that [...]