Throw spaghetti

Trying anything that seems logical isn’t always the logical thing to do. I was reading an old Forbes article from 2012 related to the challenge of relying on information we read online to make [...]

Shrink the change

Chip and Dan Heath have written extensively on change management and the things that make the most difference. If you haven’t come across their work, it’s worth the time. Here is a great short [...]

Play the long game

When it comes to growth, many of us fundamentally accept that it takes time to see substantial growth in any investment. For example, if you invested $1,000 in Apple ten years ago, today it would [...]

Waiting is winning

Winning is a long game. So is business in general. We make our plans, develop our strategies and work hard to win. Think about this from a sales perspective, specifically in developing and [...]

Be patient

Winning is a recipe. Developing the products that change a market, delighting a customer and impacting how you run a company are all recipes that include several key ingredients; patience being [...]

Communicate better

Building a communication strategy is a necessary step in defining how you can best serve a customer. You need to be deliberate about communication with them and the other key stakeholders that [...]