Be trustworthy

Years ago, a CEO colleague of mine shared with me that the reason he was able to sleep well was because of the trustworthiness of his right-hand person. I wanted to know more because we all use [...]

Actions and words

This topic won’t be new to any of us but I want to change it up slightly by modifying a popular phrase – “do as I say, not as I do”. This quip has been around a long time and we use it to [...]

Fix broken windows

In March 1982, a paper was written about how some housing estates decayed over time and became places where crime thrived. The reason was broken windows. Apparently, when a broken window goes for [...]

Stop stealing

What do you think of when you hear the word – stealing? I suppose we think of someone taking something that isn’t theirs in a dishonest manner. It’s not a nice word and I can’t think of a [...]

The trusted advisor

There are certain words and terms in our business language that have sadly become overused and in some cases, lost their original meaning. Trusted advisor is one of those terms. When customers or [...]