Learning Pathways

A number of VFQ programs and pathways were developed for the most common roles and areas of change in enterprise organizations. Due to the wide range of topics covered in the material, it is flexible enough to help improve any role involved in bringing new ideas to market.

Skills and capability take time and practice to develop. Our Enterprise Pathways and Programs are designed to maximize learning and adoption. Each pathway has been designed to meet the needs of the person in a specific role and the typical challenges that role has in adopting new ways of working. The pathways are structured in a way that builds skills for your organization over time while making an immediate difference in the learner’s work environment.

Pathways for Practitioners

VFQ Foundations

VFQ Foundations

Develop a discovery mindset with three guiding principles and a set of essential practices.

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VFQ Agile Practitioner Pathway

Agile Practitioner

Know how to adapt Agile to your context and create a working process that really works.

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VFQ Product Management Pathway

Product Management

Learn a structured approach to product management using the latest tools and thinking.

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VFQ Software Engineering Pathway

Software Engineering

Develop the skills and capabilities required to deliver high-quality engineering solutions.

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Pathways for Management

VFQ Enterprise Change Lead Pathway

Enterprise Change Lead

Develop a team who will be able to train and guide others through the topics of VFQ.

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VFQ Change Management Pathway

Change Management

Learn techniques and strategies for approaching change in a sustainable way.

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VFQ Leadership Program


Help leaders shape an environment to become customer-focused, innovative and agile.

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VFQ Portfolio Management Pathway

Portfolio Management

Learn how to construct a productive portfolio environment for high-value work.

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Value, Flow, Quality

Value, Flow, Quality

Our three guiding principles are at the heart of all our development work.

Share VFQ with your team – download the three guiding principles as large-format posters to print and share in your office.

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