VFQ Change Management Pathway

The need for change is constant in a competitive and evolving environment, and even though we experience change frequently on many fronts we still find it difficult to accept, get on board with, and stick to even when we know it offers something better than what we have today.

VFQ Change Management Pathway

Why is that? Better yet, is there anything we can do to make needed changes easier, or more likely to succeed in the long run? Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes. There is a wealth of research available to help us understand why change is difficult. There are proven techniques that take advantage of our natural tendencies and greatly increase our chances of easing the introduction of change and improving the likelihood of those changes sticking around long enough to prove their worth. The Change Management Pathway offers insights into why change is hard, techniques to make change easier to introduce, and strategies for approaching change in a way that is both sustainable and durable.


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Develop strategies for crafting compelling narratives for change and better understand the connected set of activities required for instigating and managing lasting change.