VFQ Foundations

To bring new ideas to life, you need a new way to manage work, lead times and mitigate risk. Adopting a mindset of discovery can help you understand and maximize the modern frameworks and methodologies used to develop new products, services and software.

VFQ Foundations

Develop a mindset of discovery

Underpinning most of the modern frameworks and methodologies for developing new products, services and software is a mindset of discovery. There are many complexities to deal with when bringing new ideas to life, and they require a new way to manage work, lead teams and to mitigate risk. The Foundations of VFQ provide three guiding principles and a set of essential practices that are applicable to leaders, managers, developers in technology and the business. They create a common language and approach to work that helps companies successfully adopt new ways of working, and create solutions that better meet the needs of customers.

There are 2 ways to help develop a discovery mindset. Either go with a 2-day workshop here or purchase a VFQ Product Management Course or VFQ Agile Practitioner Course to get complimentary access to our VFQ Foundations online course.

Train a team?

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Obtain a thorough understanding of VFQ Guiding Principles and Essential Practices that go beyond specific Agile frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban.