How Vistaprint slashed its concept to cash cycle

Vistaprint is a billion dollar+ global e-commerce company with a catalog of hundreds of products brought to market by thousands of employees and delivering value to millions of customers.

Vistaprint is four years into a successful Agile transformation that has helped dramatically reduce its concept to cash lead time from months and years to weeks. With the help of Emergn, Vistaprint took a principled approach to its transformation and leveraged education as an accelerator. In this webinar, Vistaprint’s JP Beaudry (Senior Director of Technology) and Emergn’s Alex Adamopoulos (CEO) provided a brief summary of their journey and how Vistaprint:

  • Reduced lead times by up to 90% for certain value streams
  • Trained 100s of employees on Agile fundamentals
  • Applied Agile in all functions of the company
  • Delivered presentations or workshops at 20+ Agile conferences
  • Published dozens of internal Agile success story articles read by 1,000s of people

Watch the webinar to hear the remarkable results Vistaprint experienced on their journey. If you have questions about the webinar, please feel free to email us.

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