Be authentic, not a fraud

One of the things the American writer, David Foster Wallace, is remembered for is The Fraudulence Paradox: the more time and effort you put into trying to appear impressive or attractive to other people, the less impressive or attractive you felt inside – you were a fraud. Most people would define being authentic as being your true self but that isn’t always the meaning behind it.

There is good reason to be genuine and truthful but authenticity is about unquestionable evidence; something or someone that can be verified. People should have no issues with verifying your words, your actions and behavior in business. The paradox is how much time some people spend trying to convince others how impressive they are only to completely fail at it. We need to give people more credit than their due; most people see right through the veneer we put up at times and often we wonder why someone didn’t call back, take a meeting or include us in important decisions.


Can you unequivocally say that your actions and words are verifiable and that your approach is authentic? If you want the answer,  go ask 10 people you interact with often.

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