Being part of the design process

Recently, I had a customer dinner at a restaurant inside a beautiful hotel that was originally a historic building. The designers of the hotel took the building’s history into consideration and made sure that they left the old world charm while ensuring their hotel brand was evident.

The immediate feeling and emotion when you walked into the grand foyer was one of pride – pride in the history that this building displayed, but also in the opportunity to be there. Perhaps it sounds insignificant describing it in this way, but the designers wanted to extract specific reactions from customers for this purpose.

Thinking about how we develop culture in our organizations was top of mind after this experience. Being involved in the design of our organizations and the feelings and emotions we want to create for our people is critical to the success of the company and actually goes beyond just having good processes and controls.

Culture is a personal thing for people. You can’t impose it, you create it through a series of deliberate actions designed to capture the spirit of the organization.

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