Celebrate discovery, not failing fast

Failing fast is an interesting term still being used by some organizations as a euphemism, or excuse, for not having the right answer or approach to solving a problem, as it relates to building a product or service.

When you are trying to apply new practices and principles and they don’t work exactly as planned, then that is called discovery, or experimentation, not failure.

When it’s the next quarterly earnings call and you learn that your company missed its financial goals because revenue from an anticipated product launch stalled, or certain initiatives didn’t get to market in time for the financial benefits to be realized, then it’s failure.

Let’s learn to celebrate the risks and initiatives people/teams take to embed better ways of working. This mindset helps people learn and gives them the courage to keep trying and learning

Reconsider what you consider failure vs. experimentation and also think about how that might impact your teams, for the better or worse.

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