Change is hard

When we use phrases like ‘digital transformation’ or ‘change management’, we are saying two things. First we are communicating that we are undertaking a large program of work that is exciting, new, promises exceptional results, and will take us into the future.

The other thing we’re saying, or not saying, is how hard the journey will be in most cases. The change is necessary, needed for the business, and will produce the outcomes expected, but let’s not neglect to recognize that it is hard.

It’s hard focusing on the first, most important thing – assuming we know what that looks like. It’s hard when there’s too much presumption or assumption amongst leaders and teams on how things should work.

Change is hard but it’s also extremely rewarding. Let’s not downplay the complexity of change, but let’s also not fear it. We just need to be clear about the path we’re on.

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