Change your routine

Depending on your role in an organization, the flow of information coming your way is likely controlled or filtered. You may be shielded from information you need to know often or told just enough to be informed, but perhaps not enough to understand the true picture.

To know enough to consistently make good decisions requires that our routines change. We won’t learn if we’re not out amongst the teams and the areas of the business where the works happens. Sometimes those filtering the information do it out of a desire to help us not get distracted, but sometimes it’s out of fear or uncertainty.

It is easy to get comfortable doing what we know, but as Hal Gregersen of The MIT Leadership Center says – “The place where I surface the passive data that isn’t actively coming at me, which holds the key to change the direction of the organization”


Think about getting outside your routine this week to go talk and meet with others in inside and outside of your organization that you usually don’t see. If you haven’t spoken to a user or customer recently, do.

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