Choose your words

How are you ensuring your message is getting across?

Often, I’m asked by members of an organizations ‘business’ community, or its ‘IT’ community, why, when delivering VFQ Foundations, don’t we use more examples specific to their respective worlds.

I find this request to be very interesting because both of the two sets of communities’ work for the same organization, yet somehow fail to align time and time again on what is going to be built, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

Organizations often look to methodologies to solve their problems, but some of these use terms or roles which do not translate across the organization easily. So, the benefits that the methodology can bring can often be lost in translation. So, how much more will examples that are just within your context truly help.

How are you ensuring your message is getting across? Is the language you are using designed to help and grow a shared understanding, or are you using specialist terms that others do not recognize?

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