Don’t confuse effort with results

Other than saying “good”, the most common word that people respond with to the question – How are you? – is “busy”. The typical response to that is “busy is good”.

We have it programmed in our minds that to be busy is an indicator that things are going well for us. We get lost in being busy and somehow to be busy is synonymous with success. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

It’s true that hard work is a virtue and a strong work ethic is critical to anyone’s ultimate success but there is one thing we can’t avoid confronting; whether our efforts are producing the right results. The whole idea of purpose and understanding outcomes is what matters here. We set strategies and make plans but are we crystal clear about what we are working for and towards? What do we expect to have achieved as a result of our work? These questions often relate to big picture topics but what about the current projects we’re involved with or the role we are in at the moment.

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results” – Winston Churchill.


How are you measuring the output of your current work? How will you know that your efforts will produce the right results?

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