Enough information

Learning is an interesting topic.

For many, the opportunity to learn and keep learning is a major driver that keeps them motivated and informed. The desire to learn and obtain more information is a noble one, but comes with risks.

If you think about the things you’ve learned in the last week or month, how much of that information has been put to good use? I suppose not all information is practically applied, but how much of it can be and what is our own view and approach to maintaining a discipline of applying the information we take in?

Most of us don’t need more information, we need to use the information we have.  – Charles Handy

This past week, I had the opportunity to hear Charles Handy, the well known author and philosopher that specializes in organizational behavior and management, address a group of MBA students on how to think about the digital future. His quote above was stated in the context of reminding us all that the goal isn’t more knowledge, it’s better application.

Learning to actively apply information we obtain can be as simple as sharing useful insights with others. 

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