Music forms an integral part of the story, pace and emotion of a film. Have you ever tried to watch one with the sound off? They just don’t have the same effect.

It’s the music that often really brings characters to life. Think about Captain Jack from The Pirates of the Caribbean or Sherlock from the Guy Ritchie versions of the films. These characters are depicted as much by music as they are the plot and visuals of the films.

Hans Zimmer composed the music for Sherlock and Captain Jack. His process gets to the essence of a character. He spends time with the directors, writers and cast members to understand who the character is. He goes deep to find core beliefs and attitudes. He tinkers with a few notes on a keyboard to try and capture the character in a small tune (or ditty). The essence of the character normally comes down to a handful of notes and specific sounds (that he samples and creates for himself). He looks for the simplest thing that defines the character. From there, everything else comes to life. But, it starts by defining the essence well as a simple tune which gives rise to beautifully complex film scores.


A great product or service has an essence too. Think about the product you love most. How would you describe it in a few words?

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