Exceed cost with value

Here’s a simple test: think about a product or service you’ve recently paid for that has provided a customer/user experience that is better than you expected. How has that made you feel about the cost of the service?

On a recent business trip I had to stay at hotel that was a little more money than I wanted to spend due to last minute scheduling. Unfortunately, more doesn’t always equate to better, so my expectations were neutral.

In this instance, my expectations were exceeded! The customer experience was exceptional. At every turn, the hotel had considered how they might make the user journey better. They had even embedded closed feedback loops to improve the experience as often as possible. Over the length of my stay, the staff had learned what my preferences were and anticipated them. In the end, I found myself only thinking about the value of this experience and not the cost.

The cost wasn’t forgotten, but there was no price I could put on the value delivered by an organization that had planned the customer experience lifecycle in such a detailed manner.

Ultimately, the customer experience and the value delivered is the only real measure of how well your approach works.

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