Fake news

As the growing debate about fake news dominates news and conversation on social and traditional media on the back of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, it’s worth considering how, when we are using information from external sites, we build trust and evidence in the information we find.

We’re advertised to and marketed to constantly – what claims can we believe in? We can’t be sure of any website source without doing more research. If we typically follow similar news sources without looking outside searching for alternative views we are likely finding information that already corroborates what we already believed to be true. I was reminded of this recently when a colleague told me on the back of this post that I had incorrectly attributed the quote to Einstein which turns out not to be true.

This can be true inside our companies when we are trying to make change happen. It’s easy to say ‘xxx won’t work here because we’re different’ or ‘I’ve heard xxx methodology is a sure thing to make us successful’. Neither position is strictly true and is likely to be based on claims made elsewhere and in a different context. The only way that we can confirm or deny whether it can work is to try and build up a picture for ourselves. It all starts by running safe-to-fail experiments to test and learn what the reality is within our own context.


What experiments can you run over the coming weeks to discover if what you’re trying to change has a positive or negative effect?

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