Firm decisions

It’s a gift to have a team that gels really well and is successful. It’s a gift because it doesn’t happen too often.

You hear the stories of how certain teams have led organizations and companies and you’re either thankful that you are part of such a team or disappointed because you know your team might need a different cast of characters.

Any transformation effort will only ever be as successful as the team executing it; not the tools they use or the methodology they employ. This is because by definition, transformation means a change in nature and that means a change in our nature; how we think and view the world. Sure, it also means a change in skills and capabilities but those can’t happen until we make a “firm decision” to think differently.

“Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.” – anonymous

This brings us to the hard thing – being certain that we have the right team in place to go forward. Being sure we aren’t too focused on avoiding hurt feelings vs acquiring the right experience. It’s not easy. What is easy is to avoid the truth and delay an action that will be painful upfront but ultimately be helpful for everyone involved. You’ve been there and so have I.


Take an honest evaluation of the team. Are you the right players to execute well or is there a change looming? You’ll likely know as you’re reading this.

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