Fundamentals and sentimentals

Any initiative typically requires that we look at the fundamentals first. This means that we are aware of the basic building blocks that are needed to help us construct the right narrative for success. We then add the more interesting items like new thinking and practice and ideas that communicate we’re heading in the right direction. This is a basic and expected approach.

Fundamentals are so important when we’re designing any new product or service or reshaping an organization. There are proven, well grounded principles we just need to apply and not necessarily change, but it isn’t supposed to end there.

While applying fundamentals is key, awareness of the sentimentals is also critical. Sentimentals are those things that we sometimes refer to as EQ or soft skills. They’re the things that take the unseen and intangible into consideration because often, it’s those things that go unnoticed simply because they can be invisible to leaders.

Identify the “sentimentals” in your organization and treat them the same as the fundamental principles you’re applying.

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